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Consumer Complaints to Business Operators(Sample Letter)


Consumer Complaints to Business Operators (Sample Letter)

When encountering a consumer dispute, consumers can most effectively and readily resolve the dispute by first communicating with the business operator, filing the dispute and preserving as much documentary evidence as possible.  In writing a letter to the business operators, pay particular attention to the following points:


·     Describe clearly the problem encountered and how you hope it is handled.

·    Describe the background of the transaction, such as the time, location, access, and when the problem occurred.  

·    Explain what measures have been chosen to resolve the issue, and if the business operator has not appropriately resolved it, what you will do to handle the case.

·    Request that the business operator reply within a reasonable period of time.

·    Avoid overly angry or intimidating language.

·    Attach any relevant documents, such as photocopies of receipts or invoices, and keep the original documents safe.


In writing a letter of complaint , consumers can refer to the following examples (please add or delete text), which are based on the circumstances involving actual consumer disputes, and send the letter to the business operators in order to request the proper treatment.



(Sample Letter)

Name of company:

Company address:

Name and title of contact person:

Dear [Contact Person]:

On (month)    (date)    ,(year)    , I purchased (or, had maintained) (number of)     (name of product or products/type of service)        .  Unfortunately, your company's product (or service) was not satisfactory due to (please add or delete text based on actual circumstances):

·       Defective product design

·       Product does not match description

·       Service provided does not match promotion

·       Quality of product (service) material in doubt 

·       Other: (Please specify) 

This product (or service) had a problem (month)    (date)    , and I have already telephoned (or personally contacted) your company to request that   Mr./Ms.          at said company respond (or provide maintenance), but the problem has still not received the appropriate treatment.  Attached are the relevant copies of materials for this purchase (or maintenance, service) (such as invoices, receipts, guarantees, warranties, order placement or product return records, contract forms, product model number, etc.), in the hope that your company will                          (please explain how you want the business operator to handle this problem, such as to refund, compensate, replace or maintain the item in question).

Your company is asked to properly handle this problem by (month)    (date)     , and reply via mail (email or telephone). I have prepared a complaint for submission to the proper agencies (organization or group).  I will not file the complaint if you resolve the problem within the time period I have indicated.  Thank you.

             (Your name)

             (Membership number)

             (Your address, telephone number and email)


Enclosed: [List attached document copies]