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Bilingual Glossary


Englis Chinese
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)替代爭議調解機制
Class action suit團體訴訟
Consumer complaint消費申訴
Consumer dispute消費爭議
Consumer Dispute Mediation Committee消費爭議調解委員會
Consumer information消費資訊
Consumer litigation消費訴訟
Consumer Ombudsmen消費者保護官
Consumer protection groups消費者保護團體
Consumer protection plan消費者保護計畫
Consumer protection projects消費者保護方案
Consumer relationship消費關係
Consumer Service Centers消費者服務中心
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)企業社會責任
Distance sales通訊交易
Door-to-door sales訪問交易
Installment sales分期付款
International Consumer Rights Day國際消費者日
Mandatory Provisions應記載事項
Prohibitory Provisions不得記載事項
Punitive damages懲罰性賠償金
Special Transactions特種交易
Standardized contracts定型化契約
Sustainable consumption永續消費