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Regulations Governing the Establishment of CPC


Regulations Governing the Establishment of the Consumer Protection Committee, Executive Yuan

Article 1

        The Executive Yuan, in order to supervise and coordinate the implementation of consumer protection affairs and thereby protect consumer rights and interests, advance the health and safety of citizens and consumers, and improve the life quality of citizens and consumers, establishes the Consumer Protection Committee (hereinafter called the CPC).

Article 2

        The duties of the CPC are as follows:

(1) Consultation and review of consumer protection policies, plans, programs, and related measures.

(2) Consultation and review on the enactment of and amendments to the Consumer Protection Law and relevant bylaws.

(3) Consultation and review on the enactment of and amendments to Templates of Standardized Contracts and their Mandatory and Prohibitive Items.

(4) Consultation and review on results evaluation on enforcement of consumer protection affairs.

(5) Coordination between the consumer protection competent agency and mechanisms.

(6) Coordination of and response to major consumer issues, and research on improving executive supervision measures.

(7) Evaluation and identification of excellent consumer protection groups.

(8) Other items of cross-agency coordination and committee meeting discussions.

Article 3

        The CPC shall install 17 to 27 committee members, of whom one person, the convener, shall be the Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan, serving concurrently; as for the other committee members, the convener shall request the Executive Yuan to dispatch (appoint) them for concurrent service, from the following personnel:

         (1) Seven to nine persons shall be the heads of relevant ministries (agencies).

         (2) Two to three persons shall be representatives of consumer protection groups having nation-wide scope.

         (3) Two to three persons shall be representatives of business associations having nation-wide scope.

         (4) Five to eleven persons shall be experts or scholars.

        The term for CPC committee members shall be two years; except for the committee members who are the heads of relevant ministries (agencies) and who shall assume and withdraw from their positions in line with their original positions, the other committee members may obtain extension of their appointments at the end of their terms.

        As for the representatives mentioned in Paragraph One, items (2) and (3) above, if the nation-wide status of their consumer protection group or business associations undergoes redefinition, the convener shall request the Executive Yuan for a change of their appointment; their term of appointment shall expire at the conclusion of the original term of appointment.

        At least one-third of CPC committee members must be of each gender; all committee members shall be unsalaried.

Article 4

        The CPC shall in principle convene a committee meeting once per month; if necessary, an ad hoc meeting may be convened.

        The meeting shall be convened by the convener, who also serves as chairperson. If the convener cannot attend a meeting for some reason, it shall be left to the committee members to nominate from among themselves one person to serve as chairperson.

Article 5

        The CPC committee members shall attend the meetings in person. However, when for some reason the committee members who are the heads of ministries (agencies) or representatives of consumer protection groups or managers of businesses associations having nation-wide scope cannot attend, they may dispatch representatives to attend.

Article 6

        The CPC in convening a meeting may, in view of necessity on a special issue, invite experts in various fields or personnel dispatched from other institutions and groups to attend the meeting.

Article 7

        The CPC’s staff operations shall be handled by the Department of Consumer Protection.

Article 8

        The funding required by the CPC shall be provided for in the Executive Yuan’s budget.