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Look Over Here for New Immigrants' Consumer Information!

Source:Department of Consumer Protection

In order to make consumer information more accessible for new immigrants, Executive Yuan's Department of Consumer Protection (hereinafter abbreviated as DCP) has set up a "New Immigrant Consumer Rights Protection" page on the DCP website to provide new immigrants with a new channel to look up consumer information. New immigrants are welcome to make use of it.
The DCP collected consumer issues encountered by new immigrants in their daily lives during the last year (2020); in the same year, the "New Immigrants' Consumer Rights Workshop” was held on September 8. New immigrants and representatives from relevant authorities were invited to exchange ideas in person. This enabled solutions to be generated for the troubles and needs that new immigrants may encounter when making daily purchases, and created references for relevant authorities' future policy implementations. The participating authorities made definite promises to cooperate in providing multilingual-friendly consumer information and measures to ensure the quality of new immigrants' daily purchasing experiences.
The DCP has also translated consumer information about "distance sales" and "consumer shopping rights and obligations"— two areas relatively more related to the purchasing experience of new immigrants—into languages including English, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Burmese for references. Moreover, the DCP has put together the consumer information provided by various authorities in several languages for the use of new immigrants. These include Ministry of the Interior's "Housing Lease Information"; the Fair Trade Commission's "10 Crucial Things to Know About Multi-level Marketing”[1]; "Tourist Information for Scenic Areas" of Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C.; the National Communications Commission's "Telecom Consumer Information and Services"; "Customs Entry and Product Quarantine Information" and "Forest Recreation Area Tourist Information” from Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture. The above multilingual consumer information has been published on the "New Immigrant Consumer Rights Protection" page of the DCP website:https://cpc.ey.gov.tw/Page/E40005FD66558A67. New immigrants are welcome to have a look and share it with friends.

Please note: Multi-level marketing does not constitute consumer relationships. If you have any questions, please contact the Fair Trade Commission.