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Harness Collective Wisdom to Create a Future: The Workshop on the New International Trends of Consumer Protection

Source:Department of Consumer Protection

The Department of Consumer Protection of the Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as the DCP) held the Workshop on the New International Trends of Consumer Protection in Hsinchu City from November 25 to 26, 2020. Various senior government officials from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Japan, as well as experts and scholars from Taiwan, were invited to the workshop to exchange ideas in order to embrace a whole new future by devising a blueprint of Taiwan's policies related to consumer protection with a forward-looking mindset.

In the face of a fast-changing consumer environment, the best way for administrative departments to ensure consumers' rights is to proactively keep up with new trends and promptly review and adjust policies and regulations. To this end, the DCP selected four topics, namely, the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Data, platform economy, and sharing economy, and then invited Taiwan's personnel responsible for consumer protection to the workshop.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the world, many international conferences are conducted through virtual meetings. In the hope of staying ahead of international trends, the DCP invited overseas government officials to share their practical experiences through pre-recorded videos. For examples, representatives from the US Federal Trade Commission and the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan shed light on their issues and counterstrategies related to consumer protection during the pandemic; the experts from the Swedish Consumer Agency shared the practices of law enforcement in the digital world; and the senior government official from the UK Competition and Markets Authority presented measures to manage online marketing. In addition to a number of Taiwanese scholars invited to the workshop to deliver professional speeches, various well-known business managerial officers were invited to extensively discuss the latest trends and issues related to consumer protection with representatives from relevant institutions.

The DCP stated that this workshop fully demonstrated the substantive results in international cooperation on the long-term promotion of consumer protection. The workshop also bridged industrial, governmental, and academic professionals at home and abroad to exchange ideas. Relevant expert opinions will serve as the basis for devising relevant policies and measures in the future, and the academic circle is encouraged to conduct in-depth research. Moreover, the DCP will continuously urge the competent authorities to gradually promote several supportive measures to serve consumers and manage industries receiving guidance in order to collaboratively create a triple-win situation among consumers, businesses, and governments.