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Understand "Precautions for Tattooing” Before Decision

Source:Department of Consumer Protection

With the opening of the social atmosphere and the development of multiculturalism, it has become popular for people to tattoo their own body and/or eyebrows. Nevertheless, tattoos may cause acute inflammation, allergic infection, and other damage to your body or you may regret the tattoo design later. As so much dispute goes on and on and as tattooing is closely related to human health and safety, the Department of Consumer Protection, Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as the DCP) has asked the Ministry of Health and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the MOHW) to help draft the "Precautions for Tattooing", which have been completed in May 2019 and will be implemented soon by the local governments in regulating the tatoo vendors so as to ensure consumer safety.

The DCP said that consumer behaviors such as body tattoo and eyebrow tattoo have become more and more common. Many tattoo vendors have established their own guilds for self-management. However, research materials from abroad show that tattooing may cause inflammation, allergies and other discomforts, or the tattoo location may interfere with the physician's diagnosis or treatment. Although different countries may impose different levels of management strengths due to different social and cultural backgrounds, all the countries have gradually considered tattooing as an issue relevant to health risks and safety. In order to protect consumer rights, the DCP has reported twice on the Consumer Protection Committee (CPC) of Executive Yuan and asked the MOHW to draft "Precautions for Tattooing" according to the resolution of the 56th CPC meeting. The key contents can be described in the following three aspects:

  1. Management of vendors and employees: Vendors and employees shall implement self-management and inspections, do a good job in personal hygiene, receive regular health checks, and participate in health workshops.
  2. Management of the working environment, utensils and materials: Vendors and employees shall keep environment clean and hygienic; clean and disinfect the work platform effectively after each use; use the disposable, pre-packaged and sterilized needle tools and materials in principle; use the dye or colorant which is clean, not used before and with clear instructions and precautions.
  3. Protection measures for consumers:

1. Before tattooing: The consumer shall be provided with information on tattooing fees,

tools and materials, procedures and related precautions; the consumer shall be asked to read the consent form (see the attachment) including the health-related risks; and the consumer shall be asked to confirm the correctness of such information as the tattoo location and the technical personnel, before signing the agreement.

2. Tattooing process: The technical personnel shall first confirm that the consumer is not

affected by alcohol, drugs or other factors, and the skin to be tattooed is free of wounds or other abnormalities; if the consumer has any adverse reaction in the process, the technical personnel shall suspend the tattooing process immediately and send the consumer to the hospital as soon as possible.

3. After tattooing: The technical personnel shall make sure to remind the consumer of

self-care and precautions, such as: to avoid irritating food; to keep the tattoo location clean, dry and ventilated; and seek medical attention as soon as possible if there is abnormal redness, swelling, burning (sucking) pain, pus or fever.

The DCP reminds that consumers must fully understand and follow the precautions before choosing tattoos as a permanently cherished imprint. Moreover, the DCP has coordinated the MOHW to continuously track international management trends, make inquiries into information of research and development, and review and revise the relevant management mechanisms in Taiwan on a roll-over basis, so as provide consumers with a healthier and safer consumer environment.